Advertising Policies

At Blossom and Ivory Ltd., we want to be transparent about how we make money. Our website is made possible through sponsorships and ads from our partners. We accept various types of advertisements and sponsorships but are highly selective about the vendors and brands we work with. We value the integrity of our website and the trust of our audience more than anything else, so we only accept sponsorship requests from companies that we believe are right for our site and our readers.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is clearly marked as such on our website. We occasionally feature brands or products that we love and believe would be valuable to our readers without receiving compensation from the brand. When we do accept payment for promoting a product or vendor, we always disclose it. Our team personally writes all sponsored posts.

Affiliate Links

Advertisements on our website are clearly noted as “sponsors,” “partners,” or “featured vendors.” We may occasionally post affiliate links that earn us a commission if a reader purchases a product or service from an affiliate partner’s website after clicking one of our links. We only choose to feature or promote vendors, brands, or products that we believe would be of value to our readers. Our content and posts are never composed solely for the purpose of including advertising, and no advertiser can influence the content, topics, or posts on our website.

Amazon Associates Disclosure

We are also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. As with all of our other affiliate partnerships, we only share products we recommend from Amazon. For more information about advertising on our website, please visit our advertising page to request a media kit.

Last Updated Friday 12th May 2023